The Alberta RCMP released a new app designed to give Albertans another way to report crime. (Photo by Alberta RCMP)

The Alberta RCMP released a new app designed to give Albertans another way to report crime. (Photo by Alberta RCMP)

Alberta RCMP launches new mobile app to report crime

The Alberta RCMP is bringing crime-fighting into the digital age with a new mobile app designed to help citizens report crime.

The new app allows police to provide the public with online access to news, crime reporting, detachment locations, crime mapping and statistics, and a map for initiatives. The app also provides access to partner law enforcement services, mental health supports, Crime Stoppers and links to Alberta RCMP social media accounts.

“An app is an easy way for the public to stay connected and report crime to the police along with gaining quick and easy access to Alberta RCMP news and information,” Chief Superintendent Peter Tewfik, Officer in charge of the Alberta RCMP’s Community Safety and Wellbeing Branch on Friday.

“Having an app will provide the public with an option for digital accessibility that is convenient and centralized.”

For emergencies and crimes in progress, police still expect citizens to call 911. The app is for non-emergencies. Tewfik said one of the hopes is the app, combined with the online portal will lead to an uptick in reporting.

“This is just a different way of reporting some of the crime we are getting. We actually are hoping we’ll get an increase in reporting of some of those lower threshold crimes that people are more reluctant to call in about,” he said.

“We’re hoping this will lower the barrier to reporting those crimes and we have the staff available to handle that influx.”

According to Tewfik, RCMP used in-house resources to develop the app and the purpose was to increase communication with communities and the public.

“We want to lower those barriers to that communication… so that we can continue to develop and innovate,” he said.

While the app provides convenient links to Alberta RCMP social media account, it will not replace the existing website, social media feeds, or other sources for information. The tool also will not replace other methods of crime reporting, engagement, or emergency assistance. Citizens are encouraged to not use social media posts or use other third-party crime apps to report a crime.

Tewfik also noted that the app won’t collect any personal information, track users in any way or log location data.

The Alberta RCMP app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

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