Residents in several neighbourhoods reported little to no water pressure Tuesday night. (File photo by Advocate staff)

City hall to reopen for payments and customer service

Red Deer City Hall will reopen on June 21 for utility and tax payments and for licensing and permit customer service and payments on July 12.

Starting June 21, key customer service employees will return to City Hall with a phased reopening taking place in the coming weeks and months. With renovations that took place while the building was closed, all customer and public interactions are now provided on the main floor of City Hall.

“We are excited to be reopening City Hall for in-person payments and customer service. This long-awaited reopening will enable us to reconnect with our customers in person and still support doing business with us online, where possible,” said Acting City Manager Tara Lodewyk.

A full reopening and return to work for all city employees is expected to take place between June 21 and Sept. 7.

“Covid-19 has limited us in many ways. It has taught The City to innovate, work differently and find efficiencies,” said Lodewyk.

“As we transition back to in-person service, we ask our customers to be patient with us as we navigate the new challenges of our ever changed in-person business offerings.

Our business looks different than it did when we closed City Hall more than 15 months ago, and while we are excited to be once again serving you in person, we do expect some bumps along the way.”