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Champions crowned at Pickleball Alberta Provincial Championships

More than 500 players competed at the event

More than 500 people gathered in Red Deer over the weekend for the 2023 Pickleball Alberta Provincial Championships.

Red Deer first hosted provincials in 2019, before hosting nationals in 2021.

The Red Deer Pickleball Club hosted provincials this year and champions were crowned at various stages over the weekend after four days of competition.

Gold medalists were as follows:

Men’s Doubles

Barrett Keylock and Mac Lehman (junior, all skill levels)

Brant Daviduck and Jordan McCool Mordin (3.0 and under, 19-49)

Richard Sherback and Milt Nickel (3.0 and under, 50-59)

Jay Slemp and Christopher Chapman (3.0 and under, 60-69)

Murray Young and Bill Lane (3.0 and under, 70 and above)

Zeljik Psalm Maraon and Jim Palapar (3.5, 14-49)

Theunis Wessels and Fraser Stewart (3.5, 50-59)

Victor Michalchuk and Don Randall (3.5, 65 and above)

Kris Kennedy and John Heinen (4.0, 15-49)

Mel Louie and Marv Macoy (4.0, 50-59)

Gary Spencer and Gary Fletcher (4.0, 60-69)

Rodney Dand and Jim Vickers (4.0, 70 and above)

Albert Gip and Jon Hoffman (4.5, 19-59)

Greg Dawe and Roger Tynes (4.5, 60 and above)

Zach Brown and Cameron Rich (open, 19 and above)

Men’s Singles

Jack O’Donoghue (junior men’s singles, all skill levels, 18 and under)

Tylor Robinson (3.0, 19-49)

Wally Lam (3.0 and under, 50 and above)

Jordan McCool-Morin (3.5 and under, 14-34)

Nolan Nicoll (3.5 and under, 35-49)

Theunis Wessels (3.5 and under, 50 and above)

Sean Sonego (4.0 only, 19-49)

Lennard Vanderschee (4.0 only, 50 and above)

Connor Weeks (4.5 and above, 17-34)

Sanjeev Bhardwaj (4.5 and above, 35 and above)

Mixed Doubles

Sefrah Daviduck and Jordan McCool-Morin (3.0 and under, 19-39)

Yan Zhao and David Dam (3.0 and under, 40-49)

Ying Wen Zhou and Wally Lam (3.0 and under, 50-59)

Lena Cheung and Fu cheong Wong (3.0 and under, 60-69)

Aireen Gorman and Andrew Gorman (3.5, 16-49)

Wendi Nakonechny and Vance Nakonechny (3.5, 50-55)

Colleen Vanderschee and Lennard Vanderschee (3.5, 56-59)

Marion Mcllwraith and Donald Mcllwraith (3.5, 60-64)

Ginny McCartney and Barry McCartney (3.5, 65 and above)

Jill Bjornson and Sean Sonego (4.0, 14-49)

Helen Faye and Rich Pal (4.0, 50-59)

Marie Wade and Roger Tynes (4.0, 60-69)

Yolande Shaw and Russ Hunt (4.0, 70 and above)

Gloria Wipf and Guy Wight (4.5, 19-49)

Terry Anheliger and David Schwarz (4.5, 50 and above)

Kim Layton and Brad Chapman (open, 19 and above)

Women’s Doubles

Melissa Roque and Ava Weeks (3.0 and under, 17-49)

Mei Kuen Law and Ying Wen Zhou (3.0 and under, 50-59)

Darlene Marcinkevics and Rebecca Prince (3.0 and under, 60 and above)

Yan Zhoa and Mickel Hartman (3.5, 19-49)

Krista Brenner and Darlene Logan (3.5, 50-59)

Tracy Hauk and Cindy Kassian (3.5, 60 and above)

Kaytlynn Soroka and Lauren Evans (4.0, 19-49)

Deb Widdis and Bonita Ewasechko (4.0, 50-59)

Brenda Hawryluk and Terry Anheliger (4.0, 60 and above)

Brittani Brown and Kim Layton (4.5 and above, 19 and above)

Women’s Singles

Choi Yuen Chan (3.0 and under, 19-49)

Ying Wen Zhou (3.0 and under, 50 and above)

Jirawan Makila (3.5 and under, 19-49)

Darlene Logna (3.5 and under, 50 and above)

Byron Hackett

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