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Forget the tropics; there’s brown gold out here

Forget the tropics; there’s brown gold out here

More Alberta anglers than usual are choosing the off-shore option to open their fishing season as, here at home, we are experiencing yet another slow, cold spring. They delight in emailing me pictures of themselves in tropical scrubs or shorts holding their catches: bonefish, snook and jack crevalle.

Prepare children for success in today’s society

One of the best ways to prepare children for success in a democratic society is to teach them the “give and take” that comes with co-operative problem solving or decision-making. One excellent way to do this is through “Family Meetings.”

I saw my daughter’s fiance with a hooker – and he’s my boss’s son

My daughter is engaged to my boss’s son, who also works for the company. On a recent out-of-town business trip, I observed my future son-in-law taking a “lady of the evening” into his hotel room. He did not see me.

Mastering the art of wild crafting

In mid-April, there is a wind storm.It blows through the night and into the next day.

I’m being cheated out of my parents’ estate

My brother is married to a woman I will call “Devon.” She is an only child and accustomed to having her way.

Let’s get it together with ecosystem management

The North Coast of B.C. is one of my favourite places.

Deductions can ease the cost of moving

As the economic downturn deepens and job losses across the country mount, more Canadians may have to look beyond their town, city or even province to find work.
Compost toilets make cottage sense

Compost toilets make cottage sense

When a kitchen fire destroyed the lakeside heirloom cottage of Mike and Alice Ogden back in June 2005, they decided to rebuild in a way that blended appropriately with the lakeside setting of their property, while also allowing the new cottage to become a year-round retirement home.

Spring has ‘sproinged’ and splattered

You can practically hear the sproing, sproing, sproing of spring springing to life all around us as all the pretty flowers poke up their pretty heads in bloom and the meadowlarks sing their happy Spring song and Mr. Sun winks at us from his happy place in the beautiful blue sky.

Understanding mental illnesses

Last fall, we sent our 18-year-old son off to college. He was excited to be living in the dorms, meeting new people and starting new classes. He had dreams and goals. After one month, he had some sort of mental breakdown and was hospitalized for three weeks. He had to drop out of school.