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Tax benefits from an employees’ profit-sharing plan

In February, this column discussed how an “employees profit sharing plan” (EPSP), as defined in the Income Tax Act can be used to align employee motivations with maximizing a corporation’s business profits (i.e., the greater the corporation’s business profits, the higher the employees’ EPSP payment benefits).

Boss demanding much from workers

A few years ago, the company I work for laid off a number of employees.

Tax mistakes do happen, they can be costly

Losing a job is a traumatic event in anyone’s life. But for Mary Campbell, it turned into a tax nightmare.

Snoozers lousy babysitters

My husband and I have two small children under the age of five. He watches them on the weekend so I can get my errands done.

Poorer, but privileged

When Jesus told his apostles that the poor will always be with us, we never predicted that we might one day be numbered among them. But here we are, 20 centuries later, in the midst of a global recession.

How to enjoy that root canal

You wake up too early — just like every other morning for the last two months — with a toothache that would stop an eight-day clock, whatever that is. But today is different. Today, as impossible as it sounds, you feel even worse than the all the previous regular excruciating toothache-infested days put together.

Children’s values taught through discipline

Last week you said Dr. Woodward’s philosophy of child-rearing was rather typical of the advice given to parents a generation ago.

My parents treat me like a slave

My parents own a restaurant. I am employed there, but am looking for a new job. Why? Because I feel like a slave.

A miracle or bird poo?

Our bank balance is rarely endangered when I walk past a shoe or clothing store. I am a terrible excuse for a fashion diva.

Getting things growing with soil supplements

Bags and bails of soil have been stacked in greenhouse parking lots for months. Each week the pile gets smaller as the bags are brought inside and used to start bedding-out- plants. Similar bags are starting to appear parking lots of large box stores.